When your thoughts run away from you

It was another epic QuickBooks Connect in San Jose and Toronto. I don't know how they do it, but every year they just outdo themselves. I always ask myself, how are they going to top that next year? Even after three years of attendance, I have yet to be left disappointed.

This year's theme was Own the Future. All the key note speakers were expanding on topics that would help you to own your future. My favourite was the Maverick, Jade Simmons. Rock Star Concert Pianist.

She wasn't my favourite because she dressed the snazziest, or because she was so dynamic or entertaining, because all the speakers were. She was my favourite because she brought the woo factor.

She spoke on purpose and bringing this into your business and life. Over the last 15 years, I've had many iterations of my business and business names to go along with them. Since I met a woman named Monique MacDonald, creator of a program called Discover Your Sacred Gifts though, they've all been focused in some way on helping people live their purpose.

You see, when people feel on purpose they feel a deep sense of fulfillment which leads to satisfaction with their life, to contentment, and most importantly to joy. They are always helping others in some way and this leads to healing in the world. Can you imagine a world where everyone lives their lives feeling on purpose every day? I can, and it's a beautiful thing.

Whether it's raising a family or running a Fortune 500 company that follows the UN's sustainability goals, it's all relevant and important. When you feel that sense of deep fulfilment and joy, know that you are living your purpose and it can't be wrong in that moment. It won't necessarily stay the same, it may change but as long as you commit to stepping into that moment when called, that is all you are required to do.

You will have to gather your courage, for the call to follow this kind of path is not for the faint of heart. Often doing so requires facing all the fears your sub conscious can throw at you. Your mind will conjure evidence that you are not safe, that you are unworthy.

What it throws at you will depend on your past hurts and beliefs. Know that you are not alone, anyone doing this, including me, is fighting these internal battles. In fact, I will let you in on a secret. The people that seem to rise the highest, have most likely been fighting the hardest and longest because they have had to gain the strength to overcome their internal hurts.

QuickBooks Connect will always be a place that inspires me and connects me to people I consider colleagues, friends and family. With people like that, I can do anything, and so can you.

If you need help with this in any way, please reach out for support. I'm only a calendar link away. https://melanieschroeder.as.me/Discovery

Now, go change the world.



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