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I was so excited to see Issue 15 of the Newsletter come out because in it was the culmination of many months of collaboration in the form of an e-book we had worked on together. One of the reasons I love Chata so much is their practical approach to answering questions business owners have. Data fatigue is a real thing and as a sufferer of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/CFS I can tell you it happens even more easily for me, so to have a tool that I can easily, and in plain language,

get my questions answered with? Gold.

Here is a link to the Innovator's series e-book where I chat with Chata about three different client scenarios and how you can quickly and easily use Chata to create significant change/impact in your client's or your own business.

Check out this free digital copy of our Innovator Series e-book to learn from Melanie Schroeder — CPA, trusted advisor, and all-around awesome individual

— about how she has used to bring greater value to her clients.

On Monday I'm joining and Lisa Channel of Bonfire Bookkeeping at the #Unconference in Vancouver to work on helping bookkeepers and accountants to provide advisory services to accountants, then on Tuesday will be at Get Connected in Vancouver. If you are there come say hi!



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