3 Tricks to Embracing Change

This week I delivered a CPA Canada Financial Literacy presentation on good financial management habits. We went through the material and discussed the habits outlined in the presentation. It's a well thought out and informative session with interactive quizzes and worksheets that help facilitate change. It's the first time I've delivered that workshop and it got me thinking. As a trained coach and counsellor, what more could I tell these people in front of me? What other tips could I give them that would help them when trying to change habits that had been instilled in them, likely in childhood?

I know for myself, the journey to financial fitness, like the journey to emotional and physical fitness is a an ongoing and beautifully challenging one. Full of ups and downs and crazy backwards and forwards movements. Whether you are wanting to create better financial fitness in your personal or your business life. Pick one goal for the upcoming year and start working on it early. It's never too soon to start. :)

Here's a little infographic with a few fun tricks to changing habits.

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