Sun Vixen Client Spotlight on QuickBooks Online

When I met Opal, I knew she had something special. Now, no one has a crystal ball and can tell whether a company will be successful or not but you can talk about a winning combination and whether or not people have what it takes and whether they are doing all the right things.

That's my take on Opal Hurteau, founder of Sun Vixen, who I can proudly say is one of my clients! With a background in marketing she is putting her all into bringing something new and delicious to the Canadian online swimwear scene. And oh, by the way, learning that along with that comes learning all about running your own business!

She's jumped into understanding everything she needs to know about her books and how to navigate them and how to use them to make strategic business decisions even though she knew that her best strategy was to hire a great accountant to partner with right from the beginning.

One of the key things to running a business that I try to stress is that although you are better served by spending your time building your business, you need to know and understand your books intimately. It's not a head in the sand, my accountant takes care of that and I don't know anything about it approach. It's a, I know exactly what my numbers are and what they mean, because I have a great bookkeeper and accountant to work with!

I've already placed my first order with Sun Vixen for some stylish flip flops and sun glasses (pics to come). What's your first order going to be?

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