What happens to my transactions in my QBO Bank Feed

So, have you ever worried about anything? No, never right? I mean come on. I never worry about anything either.

I am calm, cool and collected all the time. All right, stop laughing! I love my training as a coach and counsellor. It comes in super handy in the accounting profession, especially now with the all the #AI (that's artificial intelligence) advances and cloud technology and busy lives people are leading. People are getting more stressed out not less.

They get behind on their taxes, the aging population is sick and dying (so they need advice or estate and final returns done), they're in debt (and feel ashamed about it), people are getting divorced and more and more people are starting their own businesses with no idea how to do so.

Life seems to be the most complicated it's ever been and from what I can see, that leads people to want the most simple of all things. Basic human compassion and acceptance without fear of judgement. And that is what a good counsellor can provide.

My clients don't have to worry that I'm going to laugh at them for not knowing how to use the software, or being a few years behind on their taxes, or be uncomfortable because they are crying at the loss of their Mother or Father. In fact, I think that all accountants should have to take some basic counselling training. Because they are privy to the most intimate moments of peoples' lives. And that deserves some compassion and acceptance.

But I digress, this post started out about worry, I don't want you to worry. So I created a little video tutorial for you today. It's all about what happens to the transactions in your bank feed after you accept or exclude them.

And hopefully, knowing what you can do, and what happens, will help alleviate the worry a bit. If not, here is a link to some tips for mindfulness activities, when you start to feel anxious, try it out.



The Holistic Accountant

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