Going the extra step.

How many times have you turned back before the end of the trail, quit before the end of a project, stopped running for the train because you were sure you would miss it anyway, stopped before the timer was up because you were sure you wouldn't make the deadline, not applied for something because you were sure you didn't have a snowball's chance in h***l of winning?

You're not alone. I do it too. Lots of people do it. Have you ever noticed how long the trip to someplace you've never been feels and how much faster the trip home feels? It's all about perception. I was reminded of this on the weekend when I went for a walk with the pups and this time my daughter came along on one of our usual routes. I said to her, oh I've never gone to the end of this trail, it's too far, I get too tired... We got to the place where I usually turn around and we kept walking. And I kid you not, about two minutes later, came to the end of the trail, where there was this amazing beach.

I was dumbfounded and sheepish. I had never walked that far on the trail. The end was around a corner.

I just. couldn't. see. it.

Where in your life are you turning around just before the finish? It only takes an extra 5 minutes to find out.

Take the extra 5 minutes. Chat with your data. Believe in your self. Believe in your business. Believe in your passion.

Go out and change the world.



The Holistic Accountant

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