Are you worried about North Dakota vs Wayfair?

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. I'm trying to remember to spend time outside and enjoy the longer hours of daytime. It's a fine balance between enjoying where you are now and planning, remembering the past so that you can incorporate what you've learned and also make plans for the future.

Actually let's scrap the word balance. It conjures up images of trying to walk on a balance beam. While that can be fun, it also is a lot of work! I hope you are all maximizing your time in the

sun as well and took as much advantage as you could of the long weekend. I went kayaking with my good friend and colleague Sherri-Lee from Balsam Way Bookkeeping over on Vancouver Island. It was the perfect way to spend some time relaxing and also getting some exercise.

Running your business is kind of like that. You need to know what your numbers are, but you don't want to obsess, or spend too much time figuring it out or you won't have time to actually do the part that makes you money.

Sherri-Lee, being the amazing and on top of it bookkeeper that she is, gave me a heads up about North Dakota vs. Wayfair case that was decided last week which will have an impact for online retailers selling into the US. For anyone interested you can take a look at an article here

The good news is that with Chata.Ai and QBO you can quickly and easily find out where all your sales are going and if you have a requirement to remit tax in any of the affected jurisdictions.

Now go out and enjoy the sunshine!



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