Are your top 5 the same as your 5 favourites?

I love saving time. Being efficient is great. Being effective and efficient is like the gold mine of productivity so I'm always on the lookout for great tips/tricks/hacks that can help me run my life and business more smoothly and successfully.

I often wonder if I would do this if I hadn't run into health problems, it certainly doesn't matter I suppose but I am one of those people that likes to know why. I sometimes drive people bananas with the why question.

Why can be a question that brings powerful energy to a situation. You have to know how to harness it and when to cut it off or it can take over your life though so let's look at a great app that let's you take quick deep dives into the why of your data without getting lost in it.

My new favourite app that connects with your QuickBooks Data. Chata AI. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. This is because it's a program that learns constantly. So the more you use it to query your data, the smarter it becomes.

Of course, you could become obsessive about analyzing your data, so let's just remember, quick deep dives are going to give us short relevant powerful insights into your business that will move you forward in an effective and efficient way. Over the next few weeks I'm going to feature queries and how to use them that I think are helpful for any business that may get overlooked.

Today. Your 5 best, and your 5 worst, customers.

Bear in mind, when I say worst, the only measurement in this query is only financial. We will cover other types of metrics in another post.

So, why do you want to know this and what can you do with it? One of the best methods of getting new clients in my experience is through word of mouth. It's best because it's the least expensive and the longest lasting. So, identify the clients that spend the most money with you and treat them well. Implement a client loyalty program and make sure they know that they are important to you. You may be surprised by who they are . Sometimes the people you interact with the most are NOT the people who spend the most.

Next, who are the 5 customers that spend the least? A couple points here. One, they could be unhappy and spreading unhappy comments, so you might want to spend a bit of time seeing if there is any way you can make them a happy customer and move them up into the top 5. If not, maybe it's time to disengage with them. There is nothing wrong with disengaging and you may find that those bottom 5 take up eighty percent of your time. Imagine what you could do with that time? Imagine how much happier they would be with someone that was the right fit?

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone stopped worrying about doing the "wrong" thing or having to do the "right" thing and just did what fit? The world would be a happier place. There's a kind respectful way to disengage. Use it appropriately.

Use your metrics, chat with your data! There's no excuse not to, they're free! and I get absolutely no benefit from promoting them. Although, they did say they may send me some snacks, so... maybe that's a benefit. ;)

Take care of yourself, take care of your clients, your business takes care of itself.



The Holistic Accountant

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