Why Accounting Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

Let's face it. Most people who are not accountants get a glazed look in their eyes when the word accounting is mentioned. Heck, I will be honest, sometimes I get a glazed look in my eyes when the word accounting is mentioned. And it's not the kind of glaze that they put on donuts.

People think accounting is boring. Numbers are boring. Entering receipts is boring. I think I've even seen a t-shirt floating around to that effect lately. Something that says I love data entry - said no one EVER. (Ok, I did actually say I love it once, but it's just because it puts me into a super relaxed almost trance like state)

I really hate secrets though and there is a big secret that accountants are keeping. Accountants hate the same stuff about accounting that you do. We just know that after that boring work is done the fun stuff starts. You may wonder why analyzing your financial data is fun. It's because of what you get to do with it. It's because it's the coolest, most amazing thing that you can take a bunch of receipts and invoices, add them all up and know exactly what's been happening, what is likely to happen next and what decisions you need to make in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Did you know that there is a financial indicator that can tell whether a business is headed into bankruptcy several years before it gets there? Or how about whether or not it will start to have issues with its cash flow? It's like having a magic 8 ball that actually works. All you need to do is make sure you have up to date financial data.

Now if that doesn't beat peanut butter on pancakes, I'm not sure what does.

Keep moving towards your dreams,



The Holistic Accountant

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