Have you ever wanted to quit?

Have you ever wanted to quit? Throw in the towel? Just had enough? I mean really were just exhausted, at the end of your rope, stressed out, no longer have any idea why you are fighting so hard to try to get that goal that for some reason seemed so important when you started out?

Some days are like that, some people will tell you that this is when you need to dig deep and not give up. That this is when, if you persevere and push through the real wins are. I'm not going to disagree. Never give up on your dreams if that is what you really want and they are what make you happy. Yet there is real power in recognizing when you need a pause. And there is real power in allowing yourself the permission to feel like you can give up if you really want to in that moment. Something magical happens. If you give yourself permission to do it with self love and acceptance.

When you love yourself enough to truly allow yourself the permission to give up and be ok with that. To be non-judgemental and loving about it. The way you would with a child. You can quit for a moment. Quit the day, go to sleep and start over with a fresh outlook. Try it on and say I quit. See how it feels. You might find that you just want to say it because you're frustrated and need to vent. Or you might find to your surprise that you really want to quit and all that's stopping you is the fear of being judged for quitting.

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