Why do I need to grow personally?

I think one of the questions I get asked the most often when people find out what I do is how do you get from accounting to counselling? Those are two completely unrelated things?! The reality is that for me, accounting and counselling are just two different applications of my mission in life. Monique MacDonald would say two different vehicles of my Sacred Gifts™. (http://yoursacredgifts.com)r

The long answer though is that when I was working in my accounting practice and consulting with business owners, I noticed that although they often knew what they needed to do, they just wouldn't do it. This got me curious. I would ask them. Well, what's stopping you. They wouldn't know or wouldn't answer or would come up with reason after reason that to me sounded like reasons that were easily dealt with. (We could call these excuses right? Sound familiar?)

It fascinated me, what was it? What was this thing that had people literally not seeing that they could at any time just change what they were doing and they could achieve the success they wanted? Then I would look at other people who had the success they wanted and literally the only difference is they were going out and doing the things they needed to do.

So, I decided to go back to school and learn what makes people tick. The brain had to be the answer I figured and I became enamored with personal growth. And that's where I learned the real key to business success. The linchpin. It's personal growth. Everything else is just an action or a skill to learn. If you don't identify the blocks and personality traits that are pivotal to your success as an entrepreneur then you're sunk. I've seen it time and again. The good news is anyone can be successful. You just have to want it and work at it. Some may have to work harder but ANYONE can do it, and don't ever let any tell you otherwise if it's something you want.

So, personal growth. Key. I approach personal growth the same way I approach everything else, with practicality. The key to what you need to work on will be in your results and where you are feeling pain. So don't ever worry about having to decide what you need to work on next. Life will tell you. It's also not weak to ask for help. It's pragmatic. Ok, how do your results tell you? Easy, they won't be the ones you want. Emotional or physical pain? That's an area for personal growth. The phrase how we do anything is how we do everything is something you should memorize because I can guarantee if you are rocking poor boundaries in your personal life that is showing up in your business. It may look like overdue receivables, scope creep, or you will hear your phone ringing with clients calling at all hours. If you have self worth issues, in your business that will look like not charging for all the work you do, not charging high enough rates, discounting your bill when the you hear the sound of clients arguing about it.

So that's why I got training to be a counselor. Because I could see the pain my business clients were in. I wanted to be able to go past the surface problems and get to the root issue and fix it once and for all. Because I was tired of putting on a band aid only to see the problem pop up somewhere else. So, stop putting on band aids and start pulling the weeds out at the roots.

Don't forget to bring some joy into your life today!

The holistic accountant



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