Is that Siri or Quickbooks Chat?

There's a whole lot of blogging going on with the return home of about 1,800 inspired bookkeepers and accountants from Toronto and the close of Quickbooks Connect last week. Last Wednesday marked the final day of the three day Intuit conference for a cloud accounting platform. (

About 6 months ago, while I knew who Intuit, and what QBO (Quickbooks Online) was, I hadn't committed to the cloud platform from Intuit. Eventually I signed on as a ProAdvisor, got the certifications, and ended up at a conference in San Jose last month where I learned that Intuit and I have very similar values and approaches to customer interaction and mission statements. Which, honestly seems weird to me since they are a global company. I almost cried in the key note speech by the CEO of the company Brad Smith, and those who know me well, know that even though I'm a counsellor, I prefer to move my emotion through laughter, not tears, and in Silicon valley, I drank the Kool Aid.

A bus full of Canadians visited the office and there I saw on the wall slogans about powering prosperity, I met countless people who were passionate about what they do and who just want to make a difference. People just like me. People just like you! And that's why after conferences, we all come home and blog about our experiences. Not just about the software, but our experiences.

So how do you focus on doing what you do and not worry about the business side of things? You gather a village. You find the people who are good at what they do. You find someone like Intuit who knows how to roll out software that can automate 85% of your bookkeeping so that you can focus on your business. So that you can have your numbers at hand. Right now, in beta testing is software that will allow you to interact with your numbers like you interact with Siri or Google Chat.

So, imagine just asking your QBO program. Hey Quickbooks. What's my bestselling service this year? Bam. It's a game changer. Then you add in someone like me, an accountant with business coaching experience and you instantly have the power of a global firm and a small business advisor at your fingertips. Both willing to treat your business just like it was theirs.

Because to us the most important thing is making sure that your life is full of joy, meaning and purpose.



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