38 years old...

I've been so busy this week, I didn't pause to digest Gord Downie's death. I knew if I did the magnitude of it would have the opportunity to shake me to the core. Some people might think, how could it? You didn't even know him.

Think about it this way. His music wove itself into my whole life in an integral way. It was part of many, many important times that made their way into my heart and soul. Grief is a funny thing. To think that he will no longer make the music that brought me joy and tears touches the grief I've known throughout my life and brings tears to my eyes and at the same time gratitude to my heart.

I can't even pick one song that is my favourite. He had a gift so that every song I heard brought intense emotion with it. Remember to take the time to enjoy your life today, it fades all too fast and at the end no one says they wish they'd stressed or worked more. #makeitcount

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