Can you choose happiness?

About 15 years ago, someone close to me told me that I just need to choose to be happy. I was adamant that you can't simply choose to be happy. They were equally sure that happiness was merely a choice. Fast forward to today and I catch myself telling people that happiness is a choice. I wonder if it makes them feel as angry, powerless and inadequate as it made me feel back then?

Is happiness a choice? The scientists are studying it now and they say that our brains can change in response to what we focus on. So that means scientifically yes, happiness is a choice. I think it's more than that though. I think it's not one big choice we make. Happiness is a series of small choices, made daily to look for the good in our lives. To look for the good in others.

It's not easy though. When you're depressed and anxious, choosing the positive outlook can seem almost impossible. Maybe it's enough to choose something less sad. It's all relative isn't it?

Maybe the Buddhist monks are on to something. It's funny that we have to wait for science to prove what others have known for thousands of years.

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