You are what you say you are!

Do you find yourself making I AM statements a lot? Do you ever stop to listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth and really truly think about what they mean? I thought I did. I thought I was super conscious of my language, until I saw a post on Facebook today and my jaw literally dropped.

I say it all the time. My reasoning is that I don't feel negatively about it. It's just true. I'm not attached to the label and yet I am working at becoming healthier and know that in the process I would like to weigh less. Really mostly because all the clothes I really like don't come in my size.

Now I realize that making that I am statement will continue to keep me in that place. I create my reality, therefore if I am fat, then that is what I create. I don't want to be fat, or skinny or plump or lean. I just want to be strong and healthy. So my new I am statement is I am healthy and strong. Period.

What I am statements are you repeating and turning into reality?

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