Ever wonder why?

Maybe it's just me, or maybe there are other people out there like me, but I find that personal growth requires a ton of effort. One of the things about personal growth which I sometimes find super stressful is finding out why something is happening. Even as a kid, I was the one asking all the questions, turning over every stone and striving to find the answer to all of life's questions.



Will finding out why improve my personal journey? Will it improve yours? It's a question worth asking and it's also well worth noting that it is a choice. If I want to know why to satisfy a curiousity about how people's emotions and minds work then that fulfills a meaning for me and the search no longer feels like a challenge.

If I seek to know why only in an effort to make sense of a seemingly senseless world, then that feels like work. I challenge you and myself to switch from why to what. What do I want to do about how I am feeling today? What do I want to create today? Tomorrow?

What brings with it a sense of choice and a positivity which will naturally lead to more happiness in your life.

Keep searching for clarity and keep working towards what you want in your life.

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